Transforming the ‘Delmar Divide’

As the Delmar DivINe transaction closing approaches, there’s greater and greater excitement for the project’s transformation of St. Louis’ notorious ‘Delmar Divide.’  This multi-partner project is an enormous-scale investment in re-purposing real estate and re-imagining an area that has a history of ‘racial and income stratification.’ With significant public-private investment, the area is going to become a hub of residential and community space that offers valuable resources and valuable uplift to the surrounding neighborhoods, particularly those just north of Delmar. A unique element of this project is the creation of a nonprofit industry cluster – conceived by Delmar DivINe creator Maxine Clark – that will offer the efficiencies of shared resources and coordinated efforts to dozens of nonprofits tenants.

Read more about Delmar DivINe here.


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Published On: July 20, 2020Categories: Partners, Projects