NeighborWorks Columbus Adds 20 Homes with $6M Allocation

As part of the latest Smith NMTC transaction, a $30M closing with Community Housing Capital, NeighborWorks Columbus will leverage a $6M allocation to construct 20 single family homes in the Elliot’s Walk subdivision of South Columbus.

A frequent collaborator of Smith NMTC, NeigbhorWorks Columbus will add to the inventory of homes it has already created through NMTCs. These additional homes will be the first new inventory in 50 years designed and offered for homeownership in the Elliot’s Walk neighborhood of South Columbus.

For years, Elliot’s Walk has been the focus of public-private collaboration that began with local visionary Hal Averett, a homebuilder who encouraged fellow members of the First Baptist Church to donate property that was transferred to NeighborWorks Columbus for the creation of affordable housing.

At least 60 percent of the new homes will be sold to low-income buyers. In addition to the NMTC development, a separate developer has proposed revitalization efforts to add townhomes, rental homes, and upscale housing to Elliot’s Walk, adding to the transformative momentum for this community.


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Published On: February 22, 2022Categories: Partners, Projects