The Smith NMTC Security Staff

Canine Leadership

Hogan | Chief Security Officer

Though sad that his promotion to Chief Security Officer was due to the passing of his big sister Pacchu Mama, Hogan accepts his new responsibilities with great enthusiasm and aplomb. Hogan joined Smith NMTC Associates, LLC's security department in 2012 upon his adoption from a rescue organization. Under the watchful eye of Chief Security Officer Pacchu, Hogan learned basic commands and squirrel reconnaissance. In his free time, Hogan delights in playing with furry friends, chewing on his toys and as many treats as he can manipulate humans to give him, and spending quality time with his family.

Gabbie | Deputy Security Officer

Thanks to a no-kill rescue organization, Gabbie joined Smith NMTC Associates, LLC in late 2019.  When not gnawing on her mentor and big brother Hogan, to entice him to play with her, Gabbie keeps a watchful eye on him to learn the ropes.  Focused on ensuring that the company is safe, Gabbie closely investigates all newcomers sniffing and pawing at them to confirm that they are qualified petters and dog lovers. She understands the importance of squirrel chasing, and has added bird watching to the security team’s skills.

Pacchu | Former Chief Security Officer

Adopted from a no-kill shelter in 2010, Pacchu was Smith NMTC, LLC's second Chief Security Officer. A loyal member of the Smith family for 10 years, till her passing in 2019, Pacchu protected company headquarters from squirrels and other potential threats. Pacchu's exuberant bark belied a gentle and grateful soul. A recreational yard runner, Pacchu trained daily and eagerly welcomed newcomer Hogan to the security team and squirrel-surveillance squad.