Expanding Access to Homeownership

In addition to the technical work of leveraging tax credits, we are actively engaged in advocating for the renewal of homeownership opportunity. It is both our profession and passion to revitalize communities and families by restoring this fundamental wealth-building opportunity.


Financial institutions are valued partners in restoring homeownership opportunity to disinvested communities and people who lack access to such opportunities. Strengthening affordable ownership advocacy creates a mutual benefit for homeowners, communities, and lending institutions.

Community Organizations

Community organizations are key partners in the advocacy for affordable housing and expanded homeownership opportunity. The inherent mission to create and expand housing opportunity and fairness for low-income and under-served populations is an essential companion to advocating for policies that make that opportunity more accessible.


Public and elected officials at the local, state, and federal level are essential to homeownership advocacy and, of course, to enacting policies that promote opportunity. Through our work and industry partners, we compile location-specific data and resources to illustrate homeownership trends and impacts.